semos los vengatas!

The winner of ifparty03 multichannel compo!! It rulez ;-) It’s a classical demostyle song. I like it very much. Hope you do it too …


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'Semos los vengatas'
by Sole

1st at ifparty03
multichannel compo!

a lot of samples taken
from Awesome's greatest
hits (modplanet hehehe)

some others from unknown
(not unknown productions)


Song message

Hi all!

I still can't believe that one of my songs has reached first rank at a
party, even though there was only two songs more in the contest (trace's
and psycothic's ones).

The title has been inspired by my sister's opinion about this track:

"it seems like if you were an avenger"... so here comes the title!

My main goal was to make a 'classic' demostyle song. I think the result is
not bad at all, although it's VERY repetitive and has only a main melody.
(The old trick of trasposing notes is starting to seem very unoriginal!).
I hope you forgive me!

And now it's time to greetings!!
First of all (and biggest one) goes to my little sister, who has to listen
to my songs day and night. And sometimes she likes them!! :-)
Then I would like to greet the people on #modulez. They make a great job
encouraging other people to track and keep the scene alive, if you want to
call it that way. Keep away Reason! Tracking forever! (you know, that kind
of things you must say to look as an oldschool girl xD)

Now time for the personal greetings:
- Astharoth, Wally & HgH / TLOTB, for letting me musicalize their demos
- Yero, which (sometimes) is a little sun ;)
- JosSs, the master of chiptuning :-))
- Xplanada Party's Crew: Karlozz, Afa & Milkyway, that's guay XD
- Nork, our favourite paranoic!
- the people at necrostudios, specially to the Mobile Division: Corsario,
Liso, Polge, Lemoniac, Pixel (and me, of course)... miniyooooooo!
- La Sardu i els seus companys, es a dir, la gentola de Zon@n, specially
to Jamque because of the moral support and so on...

See you all at EUSKAL 11!!!!! ... Sole ...


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