Hard dreamings

This one features a powerful rhythm built up with lots of small, short drum and loop samples, along with distorted voice samples and 80’s-techno melodies (some people say it reminds them of Depeche Mode)


Tracker data

Made with Impulse Tracker 2.17

Samples text

" hard dreamings "

style: darkdance
length: around 3'40''
chnnls: 25/47
filtrs: YES!
date: 9 July 2000
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sole atyouknowwhere

(c)2000 Soledad Penades

16 BIT version!

This song was made after
an awful dreaming after
studying the Turing machi
nes. I dreamed I turned
completely fool, and this
is the result. The truth
is that surely, Turing is
laughing a lot with the
Computer Science students
I'm really convinced.

The samples 18,19,20 and
21 are mine. It's my mar-
vellous voice sampled and
modified with SoundForge4
to make it distorted.
Some of the other samples
were modified by me too.

Song message

"Hard Dreamings" by Sole

(c)Soledad Penades Comadran
DO NOT COPY this song - Copying is made just by LAMERS!


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