gotta find the point

A funky and curious song in 6 kb. Listen to it while you see playing at the tracker. It’s worth the viewing of the patterns stopping and resuming the playing. :-)

This was used in “Holy Guadalupe” by xplsv.


Tracker data

Made with Impulse Tracker 2.17

Samples text

by Sole

Song message

by Sole/unknown productions & necrostudios

For the euskal party 11 chiptune compo!!
not the usual style, not the usual sounds, ... strange at all
enjoy the looping tricks and speed changes.
A bit short, but you can listen to it as long as you want.

Samples ripped from josss and wonder.

It was 7 kb without this stupid message. But I thought I should enjoy the
extra space until 10 kb.
Do you agree with me? ;-)


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