Fast Made 3

The fastmade3 demo theme!! Done in less than 2 hours at xplanada party 5. Powerful!


Tracker data

Made with Impulse Tracker 2.16

Instruments text

f a s t m a d e 3
quick demo by tlotb

all @ xplanada 03 !

..... music by Sole


Song message

the story of this song is nice. sunday 2 november 02 at bcnparty i started
a little song to show to tolemaC that i was able to make 'powerful' songs.
but it remained that way until 16 april 03 when at xplanada party we
decided to make the famous and wellknown over the world FAST MADE 3. so i
thought that was time to take back that unfinished song and make your ears
suffer a lot!! ;-)

I had spent less that 2 hours in making the song, as Astharoth noted.
That's because I wanted to finnish the song for an intro and another
one for the fast code (don't forget to download supernecrofashion from

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