Crythical Time

This was my first chiptune! Of course, next chips were better! But this wasn’t bad at all :-)


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Sole Presents
at the Old Style Way...
'Crythical Time'

A four channels it song
with the pure old style
feeling of composing &
playing with computers.

Just a tribute to all
old glories I used to
play and enjoy with.

Don't be afraid... you
can still play and get
happy: get some emula-
tors and roms and learn
how the good games were.

Nowadays games SUCK!!!

I don't want to buy a
new computer each time
a new game appears, I
loved the time when we
played with the same
machine during years &
years. And we were al-
ways surprised with
each new game we proved.

Nowadays games SUCK!!!

I don't like those mega
games with thousands of
gfx & fx. I get bored
waiting while the game
loads. The most of the
cases, I hope W98 will
not got hanged.

Nowadays games SUCK!!!

I know the reasons of
such horrible games:
1- Bad OS's
2- Lazy programmers
3- Clumsy buyers

N_______ _____ ____!!!

Greetz go to.......
* Radhge!! Mistress of
Pacman & Amidar

* DjKsanya, who revealed
me some of their fa-
vourite emulation si-

* Snabisch Creator:
another emulators
fan. He knows the
right way ;)

* People on BMR!:
they are at least as
crazy as I am XD

* Overflow: expert in
using arpeggio's

* Awesome: you won't
agree with me about
nowadays games.

Don't you agree with me?

See SHIFT+F9 for
more info.......

I don't use to make this
kind of music but I like
to make new things each
If you want some music
for your demo or game,
feel free to e-mail me.
All kind of music.

SOLE: original

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