I got inspired to do this ambient tune when making the samples for Chromon , the new game by mrdoob and roman cort├ęs

The sounds which are used during the game were created with Aldrin – and while I could have created the whole song with Aldrin as well, there’s the problem that it’s not widely available for other systems such as Mac, and I personally prefer to have my songs in a portable format. So the song itself was made with Renoise, using an extra sample for giving some “ambience” and a couple of effects (delay, reverb, the usual!).

Regarding the song, the interesting part melodically speaking is that I only used the very same notes that the game uses: A-3, A-4, D-4 and G-4, which makes it a little hard for me since I love to add lots of melodies and chords and all that to songs. But I digress; it was challenging to limit myself to a couple of notes, although at the end the result is not very varied, but it’s pretty much what stays in your brain after you have been playing the game for a while.

Finally, it wasn’t included in the game mainly because I made the song after they finished the game, and also because it would increase the download size of the game a lot!




For 4 notes that's awesome! I got here from the game on Roman's site. All you guys make a good team..


hey thanks! glad you like the song :-)

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