They are still shining

This was my response to one of traxinspace’s dance compos. In fact I think this was the very last compo they ever hosted, since there were so many entries they NEVER published the results (or at least I never got to find about them – and I checked several times a week haha!).

So here’s a superdance track featuring all vocals by me, they are so embarrassingly tacky and kitsch that I don’t even want to write them down, I’ll let you try to guess what I’m singing. It’s also funny that some people say the vocals remind them to Alaska (an Spanish/Mexican singer).

The other interesting part about this are the samples, I made several voice samples with postprocessing and time stretching and all sorts of things to get spectacular changes. I think it ended sounding up pretty decent. Very 2000’s if you ask me but cool nevertheless.

Finally the biggest challenge of all was fitting all this in only one megabyte, since the compo rules specified that. The original song was around eight megabytes, so I had to resample all vocals to 8 bits and it sounded awful. But this version is the original 16 bit version -- and funnily it's larger than the mp3 counterpart ;)


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