Mr. Phong by Gasman

I bet you don’t find songs with such lyrics as this:

The ancient art of scan conversion

He’s the guy who holds the truth

rubber ducks and chequered doughnuts

never looked so silky smooth

Eliminate those jagged edges

cutting corners is our game

Interpolate those surface normals

that’s the way he made his name

However, the best part is

I = IaKa + Ip[Kd(N·L)+Ks(R·V)n]

For full lyrics and listening to the song, go to Gasman’s site

It reminds me to something but I can’t quite remember right now…



Amazing lyric! i'll check the song... i'm not crazy (i think i was for writting my "IOManager Nuestro") xDDDDD


great. It reminds me of Jonathan Coulton and his geek songs (in particular the one for the Mandelbrot Set!)

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