Configuring schism tracker's audio buffer

There’s no preference setting for this in the main program, but schism stores these settings in a little file which you can find in ~/.schism/config if you’re using linux. There you can change all sorts of stuff without having to write a long command line with lots of parameters each time you run the tracker. But what concerns us is the [Audio] section:


I changed mine to 4096 as you can see, and the horrible cracked sound that I was getting just disappeared. It might feel a little laggy now but I’m not using schism for jamming or anything, so it’s fine for the time being.

Somebody else suggested using a switch like “-a hw:0” when launching schism, so that it would select the first hardware device, but it either doesn’t work like that or pulseaudio is monopolising every device.

Working suggestions are welcome, although not urgently needed ;-)



Schism is love. I didn't know I could change and even if I got use to the crackles, I think i'm going to change that asap :) Thank you for the input!

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