I just realised it has been almost three months since I put anything new in this website. Excuses? A lot actually. I’d rather not bore (or entertain) you with them, but it can be summed up with an I’m pretty busy lately explanation.

The latest pictures are from before our Hong Kong travel, which of course feels so far away at this point. Instead of writing the usual long report I decided to write even more, a sort of minibook, aided by the notes I took during the travel. But more urgent tasks have irrupted and make me delay this. I can’t say when I’m going to finish it, but I hope it’s before the end of this year :-)

We also went to Bath again, where we took the opportunity to wander and get lost in the green hills surrounding the city and the path which goes along the channel as well. Very healthy, and almost justifies the visit to Sally Bunn’s and the Spa. And the fab ice cream, and …

On music, there’s not much to speak about. I am quite slow for composing and need time for getting into the zone, so there are not new songs in the queue. But I have been practising with the guitar and all that. Still lots to improve. I’ve also played a bit more with Renoise, but I still haven’t got totally used to its interface – I think I am too used to Impulse Tracker’s!

We also went to some live sessions at 93 feet east past Thursday, where Ochre was presenting some of his new songs. It sounded very robust, in fact I thought the whole air conditioning system was going to fall in pieces with the vibrations of the bass. Of the other acts we saw, Reverbaphone were the ones I liked more. Something very Sigur Ros was in the air, which materialised when the guy on the right picked a bow and began playing the guitar as if it was a violin. A band to keep an eye on.

I think I’ll try to upload some pics so that the section doesn’t look that dead.

And now, back to my things to do :)


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