Warning: spikes ahead

Tyrian spikes ahead

If you know what I’m talking about you’ll be überhappy when I tell you I just found about a project called opentyrian whose aim is to build a C port of the original Tyrian1.

There are more details in its wikipedia entry; the key aspect is that I tested a Mac port called CocoaTyrian and it works even with the music and everything, so I can use the adjective I was reserving for special occasions: AWESOME!

The mac port is done by someone called simx, he intends to have a dmg version always here (dmg) and you’ll need the data files which are here or here (the mirror).

I have extremely good memories of this game. I remember I got it from some shareware cd, and it being the shareware version, had only one level. It wasn’t until some years later that I got the full version somewhere (I can’t quite remember if it was an abandonware site, another magazine or even if I bought it in some computer sale or something) and could enjoy all the levels.

What also delighted me was the ability to improve and customize the spaceship: how to configure it so that we could fight the next enemy and kill as many enemies as we could so as to obtain more coins to customize our ship even more!

Simx, I hate you!!!

No, really, thanks! A lot, actually :-)

1 The game was originally developed with Pascal and didn’t run with modern versions of windows.


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