New hardware

Apple Cinema 23 and Apple Keyboard

So I get a new and shiny Apple Cinema Display 23” (HD, they say!), plus a super white and minimal Apple keyboard and what do I do?

Opening Schism Tracker and verifying that the insert key works!

Shockingly it is not called insert but it is called Help. That it is helpful, I can’t deny it. But the weirdness doesn’t end here, this keyboard does even have F13, F14, F15 … and F16!! My developer’s side is wondering how to access those keys with code… I need to find a reason for using them in a not-yet-coded software.

Coming back to the display, it’s gorgeous. I now can have Reason in two columns, so I’m thinking of creating lots of Combinator patches just for the sake of being able to see the whole set of Devices without having to scroll up or down (I usually never knew where the wire was connected, and when trying to find out I ended up forgetting what I was looking for).

Or Photoshop fullscreen with all the toolbars open out there (no need for hiding toolbars anymore!)

Or TextMate/XCode/Flash in one half and the output in the other half. No more Option+Tabbing!

Or … (more ideas to come later)

I just have two complaints (if you want to call them like that):

  1. The keyboard doesn’t have retroillumination! I already knew that (obviously) but even though I miss it anyway.
  2. Now I’m hyper motivated for doing lots of different things. I feel more than ever the need for cloning myself. Not sure if that’s good or bad…

PD And not even a dead pixel! (Unlike my old crappy Acer)


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