Merry comments to you!

By popular demand, comments are here for the blog posts, pictures and songs! :-)

I have also been changing some things in the songs section (mainly the songs list which is nicer to browse now).

By the way, I found some lost songs in old cd’s and will add them here as I clean them up (putting titles, converting to MP3 and so on). Isn’t it exciting? I thought they were lost forever and unexpectedly they are still there!

Next time you feel undecided about making backups, remember about this ;-)







Jajaja ja savia jo q faries un super iujuuuuuu :P I usant ubuntu i tot estas feta tota una linuxera de bo


Sole :)


Hi Sole! Nice site ;-) I found you while Googling for PHP stuff... Although unfortunately you didn't seem to have the answers to my questions.... I love this track BTW "": and I'd like to invite you to Amsterdam for Queens day 2008 [ hope you like to party ;-) ] Merry Christmas!


haha thanks XERO, glad you like the song :-) Not sure about the AFQ invitation but thanks anyway!


Well, you don't have to come if you don't want to :-) I found this re:fritos demo completely at random, low and behold it was you again!!! link ( link here because I also liked the track :-) ) Interesting reference to a Dutch color scheme - maybe if you've been eating bad mushrooms ;-) You seem very knowledgable and I liked your bio :-) Specially your early stuff with PCW's. I first found out about those when I sent my Dad out to buy Amstrad Action and he brought back a copy of PCW User. Anyway, I was wondering if you'd be willing or able to help with a website I'm developing in Zend Framework / JQuery / MySQL. You would get a cut.. are you potentially interested? Naturally I can't tell you what my ideas are yet... because you might work for Google :-\


haha looks like I'm everywhere :-) If you liked the track you might like the original version too; it's longer but has parts that the newer version hasn't got. There's also some info about the demo here just in case you feel curious. About the website, currently I'm quite busy and I wouldn't be able to do anything else even if I wanted to. Sorry!


Thanks for the link :-) I won't take that as a point blank refusal so I'll keep your url and might get back to you in a few months time { if thats ok :-) } maybe you'll be less busy then!


Ok, let's do that then! :-)

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