More impressions on Metroid 3: Corruption

After having played a bit more, it’s time to revisit my previous assertions about Metroid 3 … I have improved a lot on the controls, so now I’m less clumsy and don’t get that sick while playing; at least not as quickly as before1.

Speaking about controls, killing the bosses puts great strain on my right hand. That notion of having to fire as soon as possible just by articulating my thumb is not something my hand likes. In good old times, i.e. when I played with the NES, the fact that I had to held the controls with both hands made it easier to alleviate the tension on the one which had to push the FIRE button.

The music gets better although I still long for some evocations of the original one. I guess it might have something to do with the tons of Americans in the game credits. The Japaneses make all the difference!

In general I’m getting quite a lot into the atmosphere and everything, although it’s not enough to wake me up in the night for playing, just like the first Metroid ever use to make ;-)

1 Although I would get sick instantaneously if I saw mr.doob playing Portal. Luckily he finished the game and he’s not playing it again!


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