Bluetooth spam

I commented to mr.doob that I wasn’t very happy with letting bluetooth enabled on my mobile a couple of months ago, although I still hadn’t really investigated the possibilities of bluetooth and what could really happen – would it actually do any harm or not? – so I couldn’t elaborate on why I wasn’t happy with that idea.

But now I can tell you what can happen, since I forgot to disable Bluetooth last time I used it for downloading a picture I had taken with the phone, and it seems that several shops in London already know what can be done with Bluetooth: SPAM.

I have received several text messages just by walking around Central London. More specifically, these shops are located in the Tottenham Court Road area. The messages are like the following one:

Save 30% off Designer Eyewear & up to 70% off Contact lenses as a member of Spamming Store CARE plan. Call blablabla or email blablabla for more details.

The other shop was a computer parts one. Now I really wonder how strong the Bluetooth signal really is… the optical spammers store is right across the road which is a good three lane road. How did they manage to feed my phone with their rubbish from that distance? Unless they’ve got Bluetooth emitters at both sides of the road, that is.

I’m also wondering if there’s any legislation related to this. It surely is an undesired communication. And the best thing is that even if I didn’t notice the messages until a moment ago, it already had been downloaded into the phone.

Is there any channel which isn’t abused continuously nowadays? I get tons of spam in all my e-mail addresses offering me the solution for acquiring the manhood I never got (also known as the megadik), which I obviously prefer not to do, I get at least 2 letters a week from estate agents urging me to get out of my flat and rent it or sell it to excellent companies which are looking for properties in my area, and now I get rubbish delivered directly to my phone trying to sell me lenses or glasses, which I don’t need.

Thankfully we don’t have a phone attached to our land line – I have heard horrible nightmarish stories about land line numbers being terribly spammed.

So from now on, always turn off your Bluetooth connection before walking around Tottenham Court Road ;-)


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