First impressions on Metroid 3: Corruption

Mr.doob came with a surprise today … a game bag which undoubtedly was hiding Metroid 3: Corruption inside. It had to be played!

And there I went! (though a bit in shock, because I didn’t expect to have the game that early). It’s also the first time I try to play one of the latest 3D games seriously, I mean, for more than 5 minutes, so that showed in my general clumsiness for getting up to speed with the controls.

The first thing that gets your attention are the graphics. I must confess I haven’t studied the Wii specification in detail so the only perception I had was wii can’t do nice graphics. But they are pretty decent for the task they solve and effective enough, with nice effects like some distortion at the end of the gun if you’ve been firing for a long time, simulating heat. The only problem is that they sometimes are very confuse, and you can’t really distinguish what’s on the screen, but I guess that can be part of the fun of simulating spaceship corridors.

The beginning of the game is pretty boring, more administrivia for getting you into the atmosphere of the game and all that. It’s just another boring 3D game with objectives and goals to accomplish until something (which I won’t speak about) happens and the action really begins. Then is when I really got stunned, with Samus adopting the Ball shape and quickly going through tunnels or under a complete area covered with evil little ant-like aliens. It was like if you were watching the classic 2D game and suddenly it turned realistic, with the camera following the ball and changing its angle appropriately as to show the best view. Very good.

After that I haven’t been able to continue playing or watching mr.doob playing, since my old friend, Motion sickness1 kicked into scene and I was feeling really bad.

I’ll tell you one more thing. About the music. It’s just so … inappropriate for this game. It simply sounds like Yet Another USA Action Movie. Give me my intriguing corridors and happy music back! It has not its own atmosphere. It lacks personality. Maybe I’m wrong. I need to play more to verify that. But hey, these are just first impressions :-)

Thanks, doob!!

1 Which I used to call as I get sick when playing 3D games. Didn’t know it had a term on its own. Luckily it’s not just me who experiences it.


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