Low pass filter applied to creativity

walking on iceland

So far past week-end was highly productive, even if I was coughing and sneezing and feeling really weak, I still don’t know how but I managed to almost completely sketch three songs in one run. If we compare this with my recent trajectory (which is somehow doing one song each six months) it’s easy to see there’s something extraordinary about that.

The only problem was that my ears are quite blocked since say… Thursday. Which on one hand is good because it’s like using noise-reduction phones, without the annoyances of having the pods inserted into your ears all day and night long. But it’s also quite bad because I can’t hear the higher frequencies. And what does it mean? You can’t mix songs if you can’t hear them!

Today I got a couple of false alarms and thought I was going to finally be able to experience the full sound spectrum again but they were just that, false signs. Some minutes after, my ears were blocked again. Thus I can’t finish these songs yet. And I hope to not have to regret that later: if there’s something I need to improve is the ability to get back into the mood of an unfinished song to be able to finish it. I have hundreds of unfinished sketches which back in the day when I made them sounded very interesting, but if I listen to them now I can’t find the point to most of them. I think I just don’t delete those drafts because I’m a sentimental (and because they hardly use disk space) :-)

Funny thing was that these songs weren’t planned at all, but when adding pictures from our trip to Iceland on February I suddenly got more ideas for my future Iceland EP, so I will add two of these songs1 to the tracklist, so it’ll be five songs in it. One song (Reykjavík – Höfn) has already been released: it entered the high quality competition on past bcnparty. Unfortunately it wasn’t weird enough to end last, which kind of disappointed me. Some people liked the song and they told me so, and I also got some comments from people which hadn’t dedicated enough time to let the song assimilate them, but that’s something that I was expecting already, so it wasn’t news to me. They just need time…

So if you can’t wait for the final EP you can use that song as a little snack, while I sort little things such as getting rid of this temporary low pass filter which is preventing me from finishing it, and making some artwork and all that. The usual stuff!

1 The third one doesn’t fit at all with the mood in the EP, I’m afraid.


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