Snotty baby

I am enjoying my n-th 100% pure Barcelona’s cold1 – have been all day sneezing and feeling pretty much annoyed by it, but it’s getting better, specially since my head is so full of ideas gathered during bcnparty that I can’t stop ignoring my throat ache and thinking of the best new plan for dominating the world.

Right now I’m learning to use cmake2. I managed to automagically build my first Xcode project with cmake this morning. It’s so cool! (I hate setting project properties in Xcode). If it does the same for linux and windows (devcpp anyone?) the world will be a great place to be3.

I was going to write a report about the party but I’m not really focused on it right now. After I uploaded some pictures from the party, I kind of felt like if I had done my part, although that’s not entirely true. It’ll probably wait until the week-end, but in any case it was a great party, and I enjoyed it very much. Just so the organisers knew. For great justice and for the win (and fuck the what!!!111one) :-)

1 It happens to me 90% of the times I stay in Barcelona. Surprisingly it doesn’t happen when I go to Valencia.

2 That way I won’t scare Corsario again when saying that I’m creating makefiles manually.

3 Reasons for portability are a lot but basically preventing the code from being tied up to a certain system and thus having it clean of specific stuff, which allows us for running it in even more systems in the future, or put it simply, in the computers I may have in 10 years time.


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