Getting ready for bcnparty (not!)

I was firmly decided to leave everything ready for bcnparty today:

while the two first points are easy to do and it’s understandable to leave them for later while making room for some procrastination, it’s not normal to leave the two latter ones for later! Specially if I haven’t been seriously tracking like … in ages1!

And instead of getting my IT skills back into work, I have spent some half of the evening browsing sites with midi files for my cellphone. Luckily I wasn’t in the mood for looking for themes and skins and so on. Otherwise I wouldn’t be even writing this :-D

Oh well… I’m going to try to decide about the high quality compo. I have around three songs and since all of them are so weird I don’t know which one would end last faster.

Does anybody dare to enter an extra official competition for ending last? HA!

Will voters surprise me once again and will the song rank better than other normal songs I released on previous editions?

The answer … in a few days!

1 I think my one-pattern tests with Renoise and Reason can’t count as a serious attempt.


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