Who do you think you are?

Two days ago I was listening to a looped song on the computer. Then somebody sent me a link to a youtube video and I set the players’s volume to zero… and completely forgot about it until the next day. I logged in and discovered to my horror that my lil’ computer had been playing the same song continuously since the night before.

But I thought… well that’s actually very accurate, since I hadn’t been able to forget about the song and had spent the whole day singing it :-)

Now I want all of you to get hooked to the song as well!

Here you have: Who do you think you are by Saint Etienne. It is actually a version (i.e. it’s not composed by them).

If the song is great, the video is hilarious. I love how they dance! I’m not sure about the skyline, it looks like London but I miss a couple of buildings (which probably hadn’t been built by the time the video was shot).

Also there’s that mysterious girl accompanying mighty Sarah Cracknell in the voices. I have been doing a bit of research and I found she’s called Debsy Wykes. Seems like she was in/founded a grrrrls group called Birdie, but I haven’t been able to listen to anything yet. This reminds me I have to write about another late song addiction of mine, but I’ll keep it for a later post.


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