Assembly 2007 videos & bonus gift

Since posting simple 4:3 pictures is so 90’s I’ve decided to post my videos and one panorama :-D

Part of the party place, with the famous rotating lights

Side screens

There were several of them in each side of the Areena. Good thing is that they were connected, so the letters appeared on the next screen when they disappeared from the one you were looking at.

And I’m not sure if somebody noticed, but there were different animations.

A funny detail, nevertheless :-)

Conga like

While we were waiting for the demo compo to begin, some people decided to dance around the place… and it was a good amount of people, just take a look at the video. They were going in and out the ground floor, going up the stairs and then appearing again from an unpredictable door far away.

All of that while singing an strange child song. At the end they even convinced someone to put the lyrics on the screen and everybody sang and clapped. Crazy!


The screen looks minuscule from here! But the idea was to gather the ambience i.e. people reaction to the demo.

Trace has done a video version, with more details than the party version one. See Sokuseki at

Party panorama

Since I discovered that my new camera had a panorama-made-easy function, I can’t stop trying to get the Best Panorama Ever. Unfortunately that’s not the case of this one, but at least allows you to get a grasp of the feeling in the party place.

There’s an extra image to the right which I haven’t been able to merge with the others. For some reason I took it excessively separated from the rest and it’s impossible to get it to work. So that’s why there’s more detail to the left than to the right.

Also it is terribly skewed. I’ll have to get a tripod or something one day if I want to do the Best Panorama Ever!

It’s interesting to note how they place people in the stands, whereas that’s very odd in Spanish parties. I just saw that once (at Euskal party 10) and I think they just added some extra seatings at the bottom of the stands as an emergency solution because they got fully booked or something.

Assembly 2007 Summer panorama

Click the image for a bigger version, but not the biggest version… the original one is something like 7398×2000 pixels, ask me if you really want it :-)


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