Back from Assembly 2007

I just arrived home safe and tired. We’ve had delays for boarding, delays for landing and 15 minutes flying in circles over a completely uninteresting area of London, while we got some way for our plane…

… and I’m too tired to write anything very deep and/or meaningful.

But before going to sleep at what was 1am in Helsinki but is now 11pm in London, I’ll just say it seems that anything with a colour scheme consisting only in 4 colours is pretty much hopeless in certain places, even if it looks neater and has a better direction that some of the arse-looking (literally) stuff which was released.

I loved it anyway! Here is my moral winner

And what else did I say you?

I anticipated our song was going to be disqualified for not reaching a minimum standard1 (whatever the standards were, some songs sounded awful for my tastes). Well, it turns out that it wasn’t disqualified but it actually didn’t qualify, which is pretty much a limbo-like status. Like this: … you’re not in but you’re not out either, since I couldn’t make up my mind in a clear way… mmm let me think… oh well… anyway… try again next year!

Although even if it wasn’t played, it has been distributed. Not that I care too much about that, if somebody downloads the song and likes it, great! At the end, it can be a good exposure. But for god’s sake, MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!

You know, the thing with the qualify/disqualify duality is that they are like binary states. Something is “on” or “off” but it’s not in both status at the same time. Either that, or the device it’s just malfunctioning2.

So I have decided that if I ever come back to Assembly, I’ll release the same song. And I’ll do an instrumental uberremix of the same song. And release a demo with the same song. Until they come to a decision.

Torturing? That’s so 90’s!!

This is called insistence!

Good night.

1 You know that standard itself is a very funny term. Even if it’s supposed to be something commonly accepted, it’s not generally the case, and that’s why there are several standards, depending on who created (and obviously agreed to) them.

2 I hope you’re not saying our song is malfunctioning!


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