Assembly 2007: Do I look like a Finnish?


I finally went for a walk in Helsinki. Funnily, I have been asked for directions three times. The three times I obviously had to explain that I didn’t speak Finnish.

I haven’t seen all the city, I have left half of it unseen for having a look tomorrow, also just in case trace and blackpawn want to have a look, so that I still have something to see hehe.

I didn’t try to follow any special direction, just went towards whatever looked interesting or photogenic.

This is a very hard city, or at least the area I have managed to see; there’s concrete everywhere, specially in that kind of industrial buildings meant for people to live inside but which do not look like a place where one would like to live. Maybe it is not brutal enough for being described as Brutalist architecture but I think it’s not too far from there.

When entering the party I was again spoken in Finnish and the same in the Kioski1, I’ll end up with an identity crisis, looking at myself in the mirror and wondering where do they find the finnish traits in my face :-)

I had a look at the Scene Booth but there wasn’t anybody known there, so I went and took some pictures and videos of the party place. But I’m connected on wireless because I forgot about the network cable so I’m not uploading any videos or I’ll die waiting for it to finish.

Speaking about finishing, trace and blackpawn are working hard on their strange looking demo. I am idling here as you can see, waiting for my feet to recover from the city walk…

Socializing comes when feet do not hurt.

1 I love that brand name, sounds very funny if you know that there’s a word in Spanish, kiosko, that we use for categorising that type of stores. It sounds like a diminutive name for kiosko.



Actually, the brand is R-Kioski, the "R" coming from the Rautakirja corporation that owns them all. "Kioski" is just a word for a small booth like that, just like "kiosk" in English. I don't actually know where the word stems from though. A bit of trivia: R-Kiosks are commonly known just by the letter "R", colloquially pronounced "Ärrä". Hope you've enjoyed Finland and Helsinki, despite the sometimes cold and ugly architecture. Hopefully the people haven't been the same. :D


Oh that's very interesting! I love this kind of trivia, a pity I couldn't find out more about this when I was there. Don't worry, we got a very nice impression from Helsinki and Finland. Next day we went to the real town centre and even wen to that park with a fair, lakes etc. It seems I just picked out the "ugly" side of the city, but I like to see everything anyway. Thanks for the comments and trivia, hope to see you here again :-)

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