Assembly 2007!!

It’s less than one day (hours!!) for arriving in Helsinki and I’m quite nervous about it! In fact I’m getting more and more stressed the more we approach the party :-)

I have been giving the finishing touches to one song for the freestyle music compo, although I’m 99.9999999999999% sure that I don’t have a single chance to pass the preselection1, but I can’t go there without even trying! At least someone will listen to the song (the jury! HA!).

The not 100% percentage is motivated by the statistics calculated by which assure I’m in a way similar to Little Bitchard

So people which like Little Bitchard may have a chance of liking my song too2

In what regards to the travel arrangements and all that, I still haven’t prepared the suitcase and worst of all – still haven’t decided which book will I bring with me to read during the flight. We depart at 7.30 and arrive at 12.25, it sounds superfrightening! Obviously we need to take into account the 2 hours of time difference but nevertheless is a good three hours inside the plane.

Or I could simply try to sleep, but I always find it hard to do, with all those announcements for discounted eau de toilettes, the general noise in a plane, and also the damned air conditioned which they always place in Freeze all passengers so they don’t ask for anything mode.

Trace is also very happy about going to Assembly, as well as Blackpawn (well, he’s more exactly psyched, and will have an angry cat waiting for him when he comes back to the States). Sml will join us there too and I heard Timescratchers (the mighty group which could easily fill in a complete party if all of their members gathered there) were coming there so it’s going to be a fair amount of Spaniards in the Hartwall Areena.

I was curious about who else from UK scene was going there. Tried to connect to irc’s ircnet this morning but all servers simply refused to accept my connection so I couldn’t contact anyone. Yep I could have sent an e-mail but I’m not that curious (yet).

I’ll try to write something while I’m there but I can’t promise anything :-)

1 With legends like Little Bitchard entering the compo as well, what do you expect!?

2 You know I’m just making fun of statistics, don’t you? If you don’t know it you should know it by now.


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