Wiitomidi doesn't work :-(

Finally got some time to give a go to Wiitomidi

The project looks fantastic but for some strange reason it simply doesn’t work properly in my computers. I first tried it on my powerbook, and even if it connected the first time, it suddenly disconnected and there was no way of making the Wiimote connect again with the laptop.

Then I thought: maybe it has something to do with this being a power pc computer, let’s try on the intel one. So I tried on my shiny mini (sponsored by mrdoob) and while it connected faster and I even managed to do a couple of movements and see how reason’s knobs were twisting and rotating, it suddenly stopped working, just as it did on the g4.

Trying to completely turn off the wiimote by pressing the power button, for starting again, wasn’t a good idea, since it invited the Wii console itself to turn on — even if it’s like 6 meters away.

This has shown me something that I didn’t expect: the distance which bluetooth devices can reach is far more than what I thought was possible. So if the wiimote can turn on the console which is so far away, then I don’t know why the wiimote is disconnecting from the computer.

I’ll maybe wait for another release of wiitomidi, I suppose…


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