One eye grey: contemporary London horror stories

I am an avid reader of horror stories. Don’t ask me why but I like when the writers manage to build a tense atmosphere, piece by piece and suddenly AAAAHH!!!!!! they break it! and you get a chill going up your spine. Bram Stoker is a master in this. Speaking of whom, his Dracula’s Guest short stories collection is an excellent example, and very good for travelling in the tube. I downloaded it from Project Gutenberg and put it into my ipod for reading during my daily commute (really!).

Now I just found about something called One eye grey which is described as tales of folklore and horror stories from another London and also a collaborative effort bringing together people who fancied creating something chilling and pocket sized to read on the tube. It can’t be better!

I’m unsure about visiting a bookshop for having a look or buying them directly online. If I go to the shop I’ll probably end up with a couple more of books and I still have a lot more to read!

I’m hopeless with books :-)

Note: found it via the excellent Londonist


Benedict J Jones

However you get it One Eye Grey is definetly worth it!! Check out my story "Goin' Underground" in the forthcoming issue 5.

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