No more tickets for today

I had a horrible nightmare where I spent uncountable hours queuing for I still don’t know what, and at the end of the queue, when I thought it was the time for getting what I was looking for, they said: No more tickets for today

And worst of all, it happened three times!

The first two queues were in a posh place. It reminded me to a shopping centre near here (Victoria Cardinal place) which has lots of glassy walls. The offices had comfy and superposh leather sofas and even posher and refined receptionists. Even though, when reaching the final desk I was always told the fastidious No more tickets, come back tomorrow earlier and try again (with a posh accent, of course).

I was specially angry at this situation because it looked like what they had to do was really easy to get done and they spent more time giving me excuses than doing the work instead.

The third queue was way more horrible. It happened in a very old building, almost derelict, with the wallpaper falling apart wherever you looked at, old furniture and a very small number of clerks working there, for a queue which consisted in four long rows of people. Best of all was that I was sitting in a small chair, like those used for children in school, and whenever the queue advanced, I stood up and pushed the small chair forward with my foot. This produced a very disgusting screech which apparently only I could distinguish amongst the cacophony created by so many people speaking at the same time and complaining about the queue.

I don’t know what happened at the end of this queue. Luckily I woke up before having to come back next day to that derelict place!


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