Xplsv’s Fantastic Four1 managed to finish their entry for Intel Demoscene Compo 2007 in time and it is supercool (literally!): Höfn

I really like it, I should try to convince Blackpawn to do a mac-version with opengl renderer, so that I can use it as a screen saver in my mac2. Those waves are so beautiful! I was kind of expecting a polar bear but I guess they hadn’t much more time :-D

If you add that to the advertisement for Iceland Air that I see every day in the tube (when it feels like being inside a giant sweaty armpit, and they show you a glazier and say This is our Eiffel Tower) you end up with a supreme desire to go back to Iceland. That’s so cruel, guys!3

Also I found today that I won’t be able to attend Sundown07. I thought it was held in October like past year but the truth is that it is at the beginning of September, the same week that I’ll be in Spain enjoying summer’s last sunshine. So sorry rc55! I really wanted to attend!

I could send trace with some productions so as to fill the enormous emptiness that my absence will bring. Probably another song with high resonance so that everybody thinks that the PA is going crazy like past year! :-)

1 Blackpawn, niko ruen, synbiotic and trace

2 Yes, I know Parallels now does DirectX acceleration but I haven’t even tried Parallels before it had acceleration

3 OMG OMG! I just caught a mosquito with a simple hand movement. Either I am developing ninja skillz or the Wii training is doing wonders.


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