Clap your hands say cached!

After endless nights without being able to sleep, worrying about caching problems and believing the sky will fall open upon myself, I believe I finally managed to fix the cache in this little site of mine.

Now, once the pages have been cached, they should be served by Apache, not mongrel. It maybe doesn’t tick anything inside you but for me it means that I can write a lot more of content without having to fear lots of Bad Gateway errors because mongrel gets killed or horrible slowdowns for my loyal legion of readers (joking!, I believe there’s just 5 people subscribed to the RSS feed and I may be able to name each of one you!)

As a bonus, I also added some incredible stuff:

  1. Pages! Now I have an about page and a music page
  2. Archive – no more excuses for not reading everything that I wrote

Maybe I did something else but I can’t quite remember right now. And surprisingly after all these movements I checked some pages and they are still XHTML STRICT VALID! BEAT IT!!!


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