Wii nunchucks

Wii nunchuck

Apparently, the only way of getting another wii nunchuck is to buy another Wii.

I have gone to three shops in the last three days and every single assistant gave me the same reply: No, we don’t have, and actually, I have been willing to get one for myself for three weeks already! I’m pretty desperate!

So if anyone has any spare nunchuck and wants to donate it for the cause1, just let me know. I will really appreciate it2. Maybe you bought wii and found you don’t like that ugly accessory connected to your Wiimote, or maybe you’re pretty oldschool and just bought a classical controller and don’t want to hear about innovative controllers anymore.

1 The cause being us wanting to play Wiisports’ Boxing with two players.

2 I have nothing else to say, the truth is that I just wanted to play with footnotes and see how did they look :-)


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