Camden has the answer

When coming back from Spain, I thought that I would try to preserve my newly acquired skin colour by going to some park whenever it got sunny.

I evidently had too high hopes since it looks like the most humid May in years has extended its influence to June as well. Not only it has been gray and cloudy but there have also been torrential pour downs and windy storms (all of them very uncomfortable for one poor girl used to walk in flip flops at this time of the year).

They say the key of the evolution is to adapt to the environment, and so must do I. This evening, I downloaded latest releases in Enough Records after reading ps’s newsletter

When I found myself quite enjoying what ps describes as a gothic rock band I suddenly realized that the solution to the weather misery was to become a goth!

It is a perfect solution! Not only I would live in the best climate for keeping my skin white and pale but also I would be able to dress to the highest goth standards since working in Camden Town allows me to visit a wide range of goth and alternative shops which people from other boroughs of London can only dream of.

Don’t you think goth boots, with their extremely thick super-soles, are the perfect match for me? I would be able to suddenly feel superior thanks to the extra five or ten centimeters tall that I would suddenly enjoy. Oh, hold on! Did I say ten? Let’s make it fifteen!

It would feel like being in Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner all day long. I suppose I would begin giving my opinion about a vast array of topics, shouting loudly to everybody, whether they liked to hear it or not.

Cyberdog would become my second home (I have the feeling that I would be quite inclined into the cyber-gothicism) only followed by the finest piercing and jewellery stores. This is the ideal excuse for getting some more piercings. Goths love pain! And I’m not going to get normal piercings like in the nose, or in the eyebrow. Those are for kids! And while I’m on it I should get a couple of tattoos as well. And dye my hair blue-black.



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