Yesterday was the birthday of a very special person (but he wants to keep it secret) and he was given a Wii as a gift. He allowed me to play with it and I must recognize it is really funny!

But I’m looking forward to have the Wii hacked in a safe, software only way. I don’t care what closed minded people say but I believe we should be able to freely manipulate and control every single thing that we own. I’d love to do one homebrew. Its title would be something like Asteroids meets Space invaders on steroids, and we would need to use the funky Wii controller for destroying everything. It would be a terrible way of killing daily stress. If you earned enough points you would be able to load your most-hated people black and white pictures and they would be used to create a bump-mapping effect on the asteroids, so you would effectively be firing at an infinite number of your most-hated people.

Next thing I would probably demand is the ability to hack our own digital cameras, so that we can program little scripts such as “Take three pictures when I click, each one with a different level of exposure and ISO”. They would be really useful for doing HDR stuff and all that kind of things which require you to take several pictures of the same thing but changing some parameters in the camera.

But that’s another, completely different story…


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