Cool water vs Sweet and sour pork

I wonder what I was thinking of this morning when I left my house, with a simple cardigan (apart from the jeans and t-shirt, obviously).

Even if July is just 5 days away, today is horribly cold. Maybe I thought I was still in Minorca, or something!

And although I have a little bottle of The Body Shop eau de cologne which I want to finish as soon as possible, and so try to use it every day, I decided to use Cool Water today.

I was thinking: how ironic!, while walking in the street and facing that cruel cold wind getting into my cardigan, Cool water for a cool day!

But then it proved to be a well chosen option, and I’ll tell you why: for some strange reason I went out earlier than usual and so bumped into the usual morning Victoria Line overcrowding. It’s amazing the difference that it makes taking the tube 15 minutes after! And so I took advantage of my little height and managed to place myself near the door of the carriage.

When the doors slammed and in the heat of that packed and hermetic sardine-tin like environment, I suddenly perceived something which smelled familiar but also inappropriate for using as body parfum: sweet and sour pork.

What I thought was an excessive quantity of Cool water turned instead to be a life saver. Or a nose saver. The fact is that there wasn’t any fast-food box left near me, so it wasn’t a problem of the product being there: it was a problem of the cooker presence, or maybe the presence of someone which had had a long bath in sweet and sour sauce and then had spent the whole evening frying pork in a closed kitchen with no air extractor.

Then, imagine myself considering all of these possibilities while trying to not to touch anybody, my head turned in an impossible manner so as to follow the curved design of the door, and trying to maintain my feet in place even if the driver did use the brakes mercilessly. FUN!


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