Miserable weather (not that I care)

Past week-end was the idlest one I have had in probably years. I let myself fall into the luxury of playing and finishing a videogame, The Guardian Legend , which I hadn’t managed to finish in the past 14 years. Yes, it was a NES game and I must admit that I used Game Genie codes shamelessly. Come on, I had to play more games!

Excitebike more concretely. Just left Metroid for later. In the meantime I found there’s another, older game by the creators of The Guardian Legend. It’s called Zanac and its authors didn’t think twice before using some sounds and graphics from Zanac in The Guardian Legend. It’s so evident! But it looks funny. I didn’t play more because I was tired (I am very disused to playing games :D).

I also did a siesta, which is something I veeeeery rarely do, although there’s lots of people which believe that nobody works in Spain in the evenings because we are all doing the siesta. Actually, as you may know, I’m not in Spain, but they sometimes seem to believe that I must act as if I was there. You know, dressing with those sevillana dresses and clapping hands and saying ole ole every 4 words. Ole!

Sunday wasn’t much better. I woke up late, and spent a copious amount of time tripping down the memory lane, learning what happened to the 80’s and 90’s software companies like Ocean, Imagine, Ultimate, etc, finding lots of personal homepages from developers and artists of that Golden Age, all of them writing nostalgically about those crazy good old pioneering days. It sounds all too familiar.

So somehow my brain triggered the stop delighting yourself in everybody else’s nostalgia and do something useful for today, and for tomorrow as well if possible . And I gave the finishing touches to something that I had on mind since a couple of weeks ago: Delicatessen

Luckily my brain was still on this morning when I woke up, and I haven’t stopped doing productive stuff all day long. There could be lightnings, thunders and rain outside and the weather could hardly have been more miserable, but I didn’t care!


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