Rama revealed

Apart from getting a bit toasted in the beach this past week in Minorca, I also practiced a bit of book-devouring, which is something that I hadn’t done for a loooong time.

It consists basically in reading a book in the shortest time possible, not because you want to achieve a record but because you feel so intrigued about the storyline that you want to read more and more -and so you can’t stop reading.

I had been looking for some books the weeks before. More specifically, I had been looking first for a cheap edition of Samuel Beckett’s Molloy, even if the original version is in French, just for the sake of reading it in English and somehow comparing it with the Spanish version that I have. After spending some hours in most of Charing Cross Road bookshops, I finally desisted and went into Foyles to see if they any of the short stories books by Max Aub, in Spanish. This was even more utopic: they have some content for Spanish language students, but expecting them to have such an intricate title was maybe a bit too much.

Obviously there was nothing and I was beginning to think that I would have to bring with me a big edition of the Hitchicker’s Guide to the Galaxy that I still haven’t finished reading (and I presume I’ll finish it in two years time, seeing how it went until now).

Then, a nice and hot Sunday walk into the realms of South Bank revealed its weekly books-under-the-bridge market. Would it have any interesting book?, I asked myself. And suddenly I found it: Rama revealed. The end of the story! After having read previous books, and left in doubt about the end of the story, I absolutely had to buy it! And so I did.

I kept it as my precious for days – didn’t want to start reading it before time. When I finally began, I -read- devoured 80 pages in just one go. Had to prevent myself for reading more or I would finish it in just a couple of days!

So, yes, it was indeed interesting, even if the non-pure Clarke books in the collection have managed to collect the worst criticisms mainly because they aren’t enough scientific. I even felt a bit of sorry when I was approaching the last pages of the book, like when you have to say bye to someone who has been with you for some time. It was like saying: Bye, Nicole!


john marshall

I must have gone to the kitchen for a sandwich and missed a few pages. Where did baby Maria Android her parents come from, Android how did they end up in the octospider zoo?

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