I'm like Purple Motion (et al)

Recently came to my attention that my music was finally related to more artists in Their mysterious relationship-calculatronic emitted its verdict and it said I’m similar to great musicians such as Purple Motion, paniq, Yuppster, Bitshifter, Little Bitchard, Aisth and even our very own Herotyc!

Woohooo!! I’m flattered! _

So for celebrating this, I decided yesterday to try and create a torrent for my latest compilation, 10 years ago

I failed miserably since I don’t have any tracker service running, nor did I find one kind of tracker service which I could install in a public host (like a simple php script), nor did I want to run the tracker myself in my local computer (opening ports in the firewall and all of that), nor did I want to run Azureus for avoiding the previous annoyances, and finally was too bothered for learning more weird terms about bittorrent and friends.

So I finally have uploaded it to, so you don’t need to use emule anymore and can just grab the file via FTP or HTTP. Interested? Here’s the 10 years ago page at

PD: If you know of an easy way of creating torrents which isn’t too much of a hassle please let me know! thanks!!


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