My top favourite songs for 2013


Who doesn't like a list? Come on, admit you like them. Specially at the end of the year.

These are the songs I've been playing more or less on loop each month of 2013. So it's 12 songs, plus a few bonus versions here and there.

When I play a song on loop it's usually because either...

a) I like it a lot and it lifts me up or
b) I identify with some or all of the lyrics/mood (usually: misery or despair).

I wanted to put everything in a playlist but since some of the artists are so indie they weren't in YouTube, and some weren't in Soundcloud. You'll have to click on each of the embeds separately. Sorry :-/

It's interesting that I didn't know 8 of the 12 songs before 2013 happened. That makes approximately 66% new favourite songs to commiserate to.

There we go:

1. The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)

Everything was a lie. Or a terrible nightmare.

2. oddy - shiranai (visinin's "lost in london" remix)

I truly identified with the remix title.

3. The Pipettes - Stop the music

"When they play our song, I have to run".

And I love the video, tacky as it might be.

4. The New Pornographers - Go places

I always listen to the "Challengers" album when I travel around. I went places on April.

5. Algora - Viaje a San Francisco

I went to SF.

6. Granit - Aresta

I have pretty much no idea what they are singing (it's in a weird Catalan) but the melodies and the voice are equally fascinating. So sad to hear they have disbanded :-(

7. alt-J - Fitzpleasure (Betatraxx remix)

Sooo dubsteppy.

8. Capital Cities - Safe and sound

Listening to this blasting the car speakers when entering the city, at the end of a long journey: priceless!

The video is truly awesome. I'm mesmerized by the 80s/90s breakdancers/rappers and the lasers.

9. Lidia Damunt - Somos islas mágicas

This song is magic in itself.

Bonus: Lidia singing Edificios con vistas al mar a capella.

10. Espanto - Los hombres

"El día que menos lo esperes... y hay días que no esperas nada..." (approximately: "the most unexpected day... and some days you just don't expect anything")

11. Marina & The Diamonds - Primadonna

Somebody sang this one, a cappella, in front of me. It was amazing, and beautiful.

Extra bonus: acoustic version. I'm not sure which one I like more!

12. Frou frou - Let go

I actually discovered this song watching a movie in a plane while my mind wandered towards unknown territories, and it seemed fit.

I'm letting go.

And guess what... an acoustic version.


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