rbld + chip in: japan + new album (!!!)

The people from True Chip Till Death organised a fundraiser campaign in order to help the people of Japan. It's called Chip In: Japan and as I write this we're on the verge of the $5000 target, which is incredibly cool.

I decided to donate a song as soon as I heard about the project. The song is finally rbld, which is actually a kind of remix of another, older song of mine called rebuild.

This new version sounds smoother and more polished, which is quite understandable taking into account that the old one was done with Impulse Tracker and was less than 10Kb in size (because it was for a chiptune party compo), whereas the newer one has been done with Renoise, which has a way nicer sound engine and effects... Which means smooth mixing, proper delays, nicer compression, etc... :)

You have a few options for getting/listening the song (I'm spoiling you for choice!):

Bandcamp (buy the FLAC for $1! yay!)


Soundcloud (you can't buy it there, but you can heart the song! <3 <3)

rbld by supersole

Simple download from this site...



I added it to chipmusic too. Why not?

Don't forget to leave a comment, say something... don't be shy :p

New album?!?!

I'm going to release something this year! This is my own deadline. If I don't do that you can remind me and I'll feel embarrassed to death. Cheeks blushing with shame and all that. I promise.

In order to push myself to finish the album, I'm going to release the tracks as I do them, and this is one of the tracks that will be in the album. So you get an idea of how it'll end up sounding.


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