Syphus and Makunouchi Bento are both awesome

I am a great admirer of Syphus' unbelievable ability to build cool chiptunes, but after watching this video I'm just so sad he's decided to leave his gigs on hold indefinitely (since I haven't had any opportunity to watch him live):

SYPHUS_LIVE_10.08.10 from Cerebral Scars on Vimeo.

A chiptune artist who does actually do more than pressing buttons in a Gameboy on stage! He's playing real instruments, and the songs are good! Oh yes.

And in a totally different mood: Makunouchi Bento. Hailing from Timisoara in Romania, and fervently recommended by Kaneel (aka Monsieur Baguette). Their Swimé album has been today's soundtrack. Eerie, atmospheric, intriguing. A very good background for thinking.



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