Learning GoatTracker, 3: Generating an MP3 file

Before I continued dissecting Readme.txt, I wanted to find out the answer to a question to which I insisting and unconciously go back again and again: how do I convert a SNG file (GoatTracker’s format) to WAV (and then to MP3)?

It seems the answer resides in sidplay, which is a (guess it!) SID player. It can be installed using Synaptic Package Manager. I looked for sidplay and it seems that the libsidplay1 library was already installed, as some other packages such as gstreamer plugins for “ugly” formats depended on it). I checked the sidplay package anyway, and pressed ‘Apply’ as usual.

But sidplay can only play SID files, not SNG files. So we need to export the song from within GoatTracker. This is called packing in their jargon. You can access the option if you press F9.

It will then ask you lots of questions such as “Select playroutine options”, “Start address”, “Select zeropage address”, and finally “Format to save in”. Scroll down with the arrows until you see “SIDSIDPlay music file format” in green, and then press Enter to accept. Then browse to the folder where you want to save the song, type in a filename and all that.

Since I have the ‘ugly’ gstreamer plugins, I can quickly test that my song works by dragging the output SID to the gnome movie player.

And now to output the wav file you just need to open a terminal and type this in:

sidplay2 filename.sid -wfilename.wav

Change the filenames as required ;)

If all went well, you should have a filename.wav file with your rendered song! You can now convert it to MP3 or OGG or whatever you like.



Thanks for the tutorials. I just made the first sound out of it and played some songs supplied in the example folder. I just want to mention that i just found a program "sid2wav" which directly bounce the sid file to wav. If you haven't already then,You can install it from "sidplay-base" from Synaptic.


I have to say these last three tutorials have been the most helpful so far in learning and just getting sound out of GoatTracker. I downloaded some horrid PDF file "tutorial" awhile back that was so cryptic I felt as if it was deliberately written that way to "preserve the enigma" of tracking.

Marc Abigale

Please, make a detailed tutorial how to pack a SID file! Because I tried to export, but I have no sound out or have just a low-freq messed noise... Can anyone tell which walues to write in "start address", "zeropage address", whether to use an "zeropage ghosters" option? If possible, send it me via e-mail:

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