I'm also oldschool

Well, not exactly me only, but xplsv as a group. Forgot to comment about that: our application for sitting in Assembly’s oldschool area has been accepted.

So there will be four xplsv’rs in Helsinki next August: trace , blackpawn , sml and me.

Which reminds me of something that I still have to do… :-)

I'm like Purple Motion (et al)

Recently came to my attention that my music was finally related to more artists in Their mysterious relationship-calculatronic emitted its verdict and it said I’m similar to great musicians such as Purple Motion, paniq, Yuppster, Bitshifter, Little Bitchard, Aisth and even our very own Herotyc!

Woohooo!! I’m flattered! _

So for celebrating this, I decided yesterday to try and create a torrent for my latest compilation, 10 years ago

I failed miserably since I don’t have any tracker service running, nor did I find one kind of tracker service which I could install in a public host (like a simple php script), nor did I want to run the tracker myself in my local computer (opening ports in the firewall and all of that), nor did I want to run Azureus for avoiding the previous annoyances, and finally was too bothered for learning more weird terms about bittorrent and friends.

So I finally have uploaded it to, so you don’t need to use emule anymore and can just grab the file via FTP or HTTP. Interested? Here’s the 10 years ago page at

PD: If you know of an easy way of creating torrents which isn’t too much of a hassle please let me know! thanks!!

Ole, ole y ole

I was about to go down the stairs into the tube station when a guy with a big suitcase emerged proffering an scandalous Ole, ole y ole! while directly looking at me.

Maybe it was his first day here in London and he hasn’t found out how many Spaniards are already here, which is rare, since you can already find a handful of Spaniards in the Gatwick Express.

This time I was so distressed that I couldn’t come with anything to tell him, and I usually don’t reply when I am in these situations (it’s kind of funny to see them saying things believing that I don’t understand anything).

But I will never forget the face of one of these cheeky guys in Queensway: I was just coming home when someone kind of stamped an advertisement for a chinese buffet in my face and said in Spanish something along the lines of Fucking pick this ad, I can’t stay here all day long!!.

I stopped and asked him (in spanish) what he was pretending to do and why did he say that, because it was very disgusting. Suddenly his face got into a cycling exhibition of all colours in the red spectrum and began to excuse himself while I began to feel like a teacher or something like that, and I didn’t like that sensation, to be honest. But at least he learnt the lesson: don’t swear at strangers!


We’ve been speculating with adopting one pet since some months ago but we’re not sure about how will it cope with us being away for one or two weeks: you can water a bit more a plant but it’s not the same with a pet. Also I’m not really convinced about having a cat or a dog in a flat with carpeted and wooden floors.

But then, the hotel where we stayed in Minorca had a couple of little turtles in the garden. I have always found turtles quite funny and very civilised: they don’t bark and they don’t pee wherever they find handy.

So maybe they are the ideal pet! I still have to look for more info about caring and food and all that before making a decision. I wouldn’t feel well if they suffered!

Also (the geek touch) how cool would it be to call a turtle Logo?

Organic food in London

The fridge was admittedly empty yesterday and I thought: why don’t I just go and try that new shop which promised lots of great healthy and organic food? Obviously I was thinking of making a visit to the Whole Food Market in High Street Kensington.

It was open quite recently and being that I adore good fresh fruit and vegetables I was curious about the organic level of their organic food.

For some strange reason, every big retailer outside there is claiming to offer organic food but the only thing they are doing is absolutely perverting the concept. How can they label something as organic when it has been airfreighted during days (maybe weeks) while maintained in a semi-hibernation state for preventing it to ripe too early it’s something that still looks to me as a deceptive practice which should definitely be regulated properly. (Like that bio trend some years ago).

Let me show a couple of examples: I went to my nearest supermarket’ fruits department, and found Organic peaches. That really surprised me since if they were truly organic, they would have been grown in the UK, where the Sun amount these past months has been pathetic. But there they were, all perfect, the same size and the same colour. Obviously they smell to nothing and maybe they have even been kind of shaved as to remove the little hair-like sensation that an authentic peach has. Then I look at the label and find: Origin: Spain

Next to the peaches are organic grapes. Where do you think they came from? South Africa. And the organic apples? Chile.

So now that you’re aware of the situation, I entered the Whole Foods store, wondering if they would have really sourced only really organic food or if they would have fallen again in the same bullshit that the other retailers have done. And effectively, when I came into the fruits & veg section I was rewarded with spanish peaches and melons, italian pears and a whole lot more of fruits which hadn’t grown in UK at all. They might be Fair Traded and not contain bad pesticides or whatever but they aren’t what a sane person would call organic.

Probably next thing I’ll try is one of those farming cooperatives which deliver fruit and vegetables boxes direct to my door, apparently using only homegrown stuff.

I’m a bit skeptical though. If it wasn’t because I don’t have space for big pots I would love to grow my own fresh produce!