From post-rock to the jungle (sort of)

So here's a short post recommending some music I've liked more or less recently:

First I'll talk you about this really intriguing artist called moji moji. His real name is Lucas Page and he's from Buenos Aires (Argentina). As such, the track names for his two published releases are poetic and evocative by themselves. As for example: El laberinto de la noche nos conduce a Cachi, which could be somehow translated to "Night's laberynth drives us to Cachi". Whatever or wherever Cachi is, I'm already intrigued enough to listen.

And listen I did, and you should do it too! These are his releases:

  • N, published in the always nice Resting Bell netlabel
  • Detroit de la Mare, published in Hipidukimuzik
    • If you're into postrock I absolutely recommend it.

      Now for something a bit more frantic, so to say: mixtapes! Ne7 recommended this website from one fellow demoscener from mighty TRSi demogroup a while ago: DJ Placebo. It contains several mixes in different styles, and the ones I liked most were the ones in 'oldschool' styles, such as for example Alte Schule or Back to Oldschool.

      And finally for the total oldschool awesomeness! Dj Hoffman of Unstable Label has recently released an Amiga Musicdisk with a total of twelve (12) modules in (mostly) jungle style. It's 8-bit jungle and if you're into Amiga or mods or jungle or are simply curious you would do well downloading it. The file includes also the original mod files without encryption or anything, and a 'mixed' mp3 with all the songs in order, without gaps in between.

      That's all for (maybe) the following six months ;-)


rbld + chip in: japan + new album (!!!)

The people from True Chip Till Death organised a fundraiser campaign in order to help the people of Japan. It's called Chip In: Japan and as I write this we're on the verge of the $5000 target, which is incredibly cool.

I decided to donate a song as soon as I heard about the project. The song is finally rbld, which is actually a kind of remix of another, older song of mine called rebuild.

This new version sounds smoother and more polished, which is quite understandable taking into account that the old one was done with Impulse Tracker and was less than 10Kb in size (because it was for a chiptune party compo), whereas the newer one has been done with Renoise, which has a way nicer sound engine and effects... Which means smooth mixing, proper delays, nicer compression, etc... :)

You have a few options for getting/listening the song (I'm spoiling you for choice!):

Bandcamp (buy the FLAC for $1! yay!)


Soundcloud (you can't buy it there, but you can heart the song! <3 <3)

rbld by supersole

Simple download from this site...



I added it to chipmusic too. Why not?

Don't forget to leave a comment, say something... don't be shy :p

New album?!?!

I'm going to release something this year! This is my own deadline. If I don't do that you can remind me and I'll feel embarrassed to death. Cheeks blushing with shame and all that. I promise.

In order to push myself to finish the album, I'm going to release the tracks as I do them, and this is one of the tracks that will be in the album. So you get an idea of how it'll end up sounding.

Screen-capturing tracked music (and uploading to YouTube)

Since YouTube was considering my DOSBox 640x400 captures as only deserving 360p, I set myself to do something about that. 360p is just not enough for showing tracker commands; everything comes out too blurry. The answer, as usual, was ffmpeg.

This is what you need to upscale a DOSBox video from 640x400 to 1280:800 (double its original size):

ffmpeg -i dosbox.avi -vcodec libx264 -vf "scale=1280:800" -r 60 -vpre lossless_max -acodec copy -threads 3 resized_output.avi

The -threads 3 option is totally optional. It tells ffmpeg to split the encoding work into three threads, which is useful if your computer has three or more cores.

Here's a sample of a song captured and upscaled this way, running Impulse Tracker 2 inside DOSBox:

(For best enjoyment play it full screen!)

The song is Pos yo tb! and was tracked by JCL and me back in 2003 :-)

Sorting, sorting, sorting...

When I released my 10 years ago compilation, don't ask me why, but I was very disorganised. I trusted my memory would keep working as well as it had done until then and I would be able to link a song with its source filename forever. So, let's consider my song titled "tQOH". You would expect the filename to be something like tQOH.extension. But it wasn't. In fact, its filename was HOUZE.XM. Totally unrelated.

I had also noticed that some of the songs in the compilation weren't available as single songs in the website--quite a shame! But looking and matching their filenames to their titles was very hard... and to make things worse, the source songs were scattered in lots of several different folders. Such as unfinished, unfinished1, unfinished2, finished. You would expect unfinished songs to be only in the 'unfinished' folders, right? Poor fool. No, there were all sorts of songs in there, both finished and unfinished.

And it doesn't end there. Some of those folders were duplicated in another folder, because I initially copied them from my old desktop to my (then) new laptop, and then the desktop had to be formatted and so we made another backup, but at that time, my laptop was already old news, so I had already transferred the first copy to my new laptop. Which makes it the second copy, in which there were changes. So I copied the desktop backup to the laptop too, just to make sure I had all data. Did you get lost? :-D

This was a disgrace!

So I decided I would put an end to this. Therefore I'm slowling trawling through those Folders of Hell and sorting the songs out, removing duplicates, adding the missing ones to the website, with its MP3/OGG render so that they can be listened online, filling its profile with whatever I can remember about the song, etc.

It's been such an interesting experience. A bit boring at times but very rewarding... specially when I found an IT.RAR file which not only contained the latest version of Impulse Tracker I used, but also a bunch of songs that I thought had lost the sources of. Plus very cool almost finished songs that I didn't even remember having tracked, and some fresh promising sketches that could be ace (once finished). It was like in the Amelie movie, when the guy gets its old metal box--that RAR file was full of memories and unexpected surprises. It was very moving.

And my hopes were quite high when I found an XM.RAR file too... but unfortunately this one wasn't nearly as interesting as the IT one. It just had a copy of Fast Tracker 2, and that's it :-(

Today I've finally completed the sync with 10 years ago. I can proudly say that all the songs in the compilation are finally in the website as well! Yay! That makes the count of songs go up to 164, and there are still more to be added! (I only have to sort 7+Gb of files, haha!)

I'll make it easy for you, and detail the list of newly added songs:

And while I was on it, I also added three more songs:

... and also took the opportunity to test DOSBox's render to video functionalities, and recorded one of my very old songs playing under Scream Tracker. Wooohooo!

(I wonder what does Sami Tammilehto think when he sees ST3 screenshots/videos still being posted to Youtube et al.--if I meet him one day, I have to ask him for sure!)

City Ambient EP (Live at BCN)

City Ambient EP (Live at BCN)

City Ambient EP (Live at BCN) is my first release in AGES.

Shamefully, it has been dormant in my hard drive for five years (!), until I finally decided it was time to start finishing all the drafts and stuff I have in here. Time to wrap things up, I say!

I'm also going to take a different approach this time: instead of releasing a ZIP file which you download, uncompress and listen, I'm uploading the songs in insanely high quality uncompressed format to my brand new Bandcamp account. You can listen to the entire songs, in the website, which is convenient enough. And if you like them so much that you want to get a superhigh quality version of them for your favourite player, you can now buy them for a symbolic price.

I have also uploaded two other releases of mine: the original City Ambient EP and the famous Iceland EP, just in case ;-)

P.S. And no DRM!!